Tuesday, 20 February, 2018

Almost naked California woman claims she's a mermaid

Image Credit Fresno Police Department Image Credit Fresno Police Department
Alfredo Watts | 06 April, 2017, 01:25

She was found walking in the middle of the street on Millerton Road' on the other side of the Eagle Spring Golf & Country Club.

A driver passing by found an nearly fully naked woman walking in the middle of the street. She has claimed to be a mermaid named "Joanna".

Some local Facebook users said she frequently visits a Starbucks in the area.

The driver took her to the hospital, where the police questioned her.

A police flyer describes her as 5 feet 4, about 150 pounds, with brown eyes and brown hair. Two of her toes are webbed on both of her feet. Police think she could be between 17 and 20 years old.

Fresno police believe they have now established who she is but are waiting for the results of identity checks before releasing details.

Local resident Karon Renwick said, "There are some odd things that happen up here". "We're in the mountains". She added that the woman is lucky she didn't get run over because the cars just fly on that road, and there was a big wreck there just the other day. "We're trying to piece together information to try and identify this person, ".