Sunday, 18 November, 2018

Cortana Now Available On Android Lock Screen

Cortana Now Available On Android Lock Screen Cortana Now Available On Android Lock Screen
Sherri Watson | 28 March, 2017, 01:12

Microsoft has now confirmed that Cortana on Android lock screen is now widely available after the feature was gradually rolled out earlier this month.

It sounds handy, but given that Android basically does this in the Google Search search app, it's also a bit redundant.

The feature was created to compete with Google's own Assistant technology, which also offers similar information. Perhaps you've considered downloading Microsoft's own personal assistant, Cortana to your phone. "Quickly get answers to your questions, set a reminder and more without having to unlock your device". The update going out to users today makes it possible to interact with Cortana and complete tasks and not just view information from the app. There are new features included in the latest Cortana update as well, which are meant to provide users with more glanceable info about what's upcoming during the day. Information is now easier to read, and viewing, editing and adding items to lists has been improved. Cortana was available on the lock screen in a previous update so users could check items like the news, weather or their schedule, but this new version expands its functions to include support for actual voice commands.

Along with this, Microsoft has also gone on to announce the availability of both Android and iOS apps in Australia, extending the functionality of Cortana on Windows 10 to any smartphone which you are carrying, allowing you to stay on 'top of things'.