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California's unemployment rate falls to 5.1 percent in January

California's unemployment rate falls to 5.1 percent in January California's unemployment rate falls to 5.1 percent in January
Melissa Porter | 04 March, 2017, 02:18

Fresno County's jobless rate in January 2016 was reported at 10.7 percent.

The 4.9 percent rate was also below the 5.6 percent rate from January 2016. Statewide, the unemployment rate fell a tenth of a percentage point to 5.1 percent.

Nonfarm jobs in California totaled 16,647,600 in January, according to a survey of businesses that is larger and less variable statistically.

In regard to cities with similarly sized labor forces to Santa Clarita's, Torrance experienced 3.5 percent unemployment with 2,800 jobless out of 78,300, Pasadena had 4.5 percent unemployment with 3,500 of 77,700 jobless and Glendale at 4.9 percent unemployment with 5,000 jobless of 101,700 people. The professional and business segment saw a gain of 12,500 jobs.

The state Department of Job and Family Services says the number of workers unemployed in OH in December was 282,000, up by about 4,000 from November. The number of unemployed has increased by 4,000 in the past 12 months.

According to the EDD, 19,000 jobs were lost in San Diego County between December and January, with the biggest hit in the retail trade as 6,500 workers were let go following the holidays.

Seven of California's eleven industry sectors added a total of 42,700 jobs in January. This is the largest sector in Kentucky with more than 400,000 jobs accounting for one-fifth of all nonfarm employment.

Statewide, 386,875 people received unemployment benefits in January, up from 367,944 in December and down from 410,293 in the same period previous year.

The sectors gaining jobs included construction, which was up by 7,800 jobs and financial activities, which gained 4,500 jobs.

Manufacturing suffered the biggest lost over the year, down 1,200 jobs or 5.5 percent, to 20,600.

Bernick said about 3 million Californians have part-time work, which is classified as payroll employment, and another 500,000 are employed through staffing firms.