Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Jaguar Land Rover unveils middle-of-the-range Velar

JLR unveils Ratan Tata's passion project Range Rover Velar Jaguar Land Rover unveils middle-of-the-range Velar
Sherri Watson | 03 March, 2017, 01:50

The new Range Rover Velar fills the space in the Land Rover line-up between the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Sport.

In terms of off-road performance, Range Rover says the "advanced chassis" offers the "ultimate in comfort, dynamics and all-terrain capability".

With the new Velar, Land Rover went in for a minmal and simple design but paid close attention to detail. As well as superior illumination and energy efficiency compared to Bi-Xenon lights, LED technology has also enabled the designers to create the most slender headlight clusters ever fitted to a production Land Rover. The Velar boasts of a design engineering based on "Reductionism" which strips away complexity. An even more powerful 221kW version of this engine will join the Velar range later in the year.

The Velar will make its first public appearance at the Geneva motor show on Tuesday and will go on sale in mid-2017.

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"The new Range Rover Velar is a stunning addition to the Range Rover family". Furthermore, it has black underbody cladding which enhanced the illusion of its rear end to appear larger with synthetic leanness features. For example, its exterior door handles retract completely into the body at speeds above 5mph to improve the car's drag co-efficient.

But it is the insides of the Velar that truly impresses. In the central panel, two screens. The top screen gets the media interface, navigation and reversing camera display functions.

Every Velar gets on-demand all-wheel drive managed by the familiar Terrain Response or optional Terrain Response 2 system. The highlight is the 10-inch stacked displays at the centre of dashboard. But should you rush out to get one for yourself?

In the Velar, the steering wheel control buttons have been replaced by a set of capacitor-based touch sensitive buttons with backlight.

The seats themselves are electronically adjustable in 20 ways and features both heating and cooling in certain specs.

Also debuting is a new seat material, described as a sustainable alternative to leather. That said, the cloth used is a special microfiber blend that is made from recycled plastic bottles and will be combined with extremely high quality suede!

Land Rover seems to have refocused on the fundamentals that customers in this segment want, namely style. The 2.0-liter diesel engine produces a power of 178 bhp and churns out 430 Nm of torque or 237 bhp power with 500 Nm torque.

Six powertrains will be available - entry-level is the 180hp 2-litre Ingenium diesel, also available in a 240hp version.

Regarding the name, "Velar" dates to the very first pre-production Range Rovers from the late 60s. An even more powerful, 380HP supercharged V6 petrol engine combines sports auto performance with a unique soundtrack and enables the Velar to accelerate to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in only 5.3seconds before reaching an electronically-limited top speed of 155 miles per hour (4).