Wednesday, 17 October, 2018

Mike Mayock sees talented tight end available for Giants at No. 23

Kristopher Love | 01 March, 2017, 00:42

On drafting help at linebacker: "Atlanta did an unbelievable job rebuilding their defense over a two-year period and nearly winning the Super Bowl and it was based on a couple things". Just two years ago, they spent three of their first five picks on a guard, running back and fullback. "So if you took a guy like that in the third round, for instance, and tried to develop him, I think that would be a pretty good plan".

We've got some Mayock-ing to do over the next few days. So I would not be in that conversation. I don't look at team needs quite as hard, A, at this time of the year, or, B, in the Top 10. One of the scenarios that has been mentioned is the Browns trading the Patriots the No. 12 overall pick considering they also have the first overall pick. Given the dearth of starting talent at the position, Mayock said the Broncos may have to go "best player available" picking at No. 20. "I think you've got to be careful for what you wish for because it may come true". "It doesn't mean that I don't think there is talent there, because I think there are four quarterbacks in this draft that have first-round talent". The Bills opted to sign many free agents in the 2016 offseason to one-year, low-priced deals which outnumbered the free agents they lost last offseason. 1 and 12 picks in the upcoming National Football League draft, and Mayock believes sending the latter of those picks to the Patriots in a package for Garoppolo would be a good idea for Cleveland.

"Put it this way: I think Ryan Ramczyk is the best tackle in the draft". And when you get on the clock, you're looking at a bunch of different things. It's the second-highest of all the compensatory picks.

The Browns have the number one pick in the draft, that we know. A team needs to keep looking until it finds a guy.

Garoppolo has one year remaining on his rookie contract and is scheduled to hit free agency in 2018. Instead, they finished last in the league, and were only marginally better past year at 30th.

Mayock did say that he believes there are some quarterbacks worthy of being taken in the first round. "If one begins to separate himself at the combine, don't be surprised if you start to hear rumors about Buffalo wanting to move up for him in subsequent weeks".

On top of being one of the least effective rushing teams in the National Football League, the Lions were among the worst at converting third-and-short situations, seeming to validate Mayock's argument the team needs a power runner to complement Ameer Abdullah and Riddick. I think there is a higher ceiling for the Texas A&M kid, but I think that Alabama kid is a great defensive player for the next 10 years, and I think he's just a little bit safer than Garrett because he stays healthy, and he just seems like he plays every single week. But I love his versatility.