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Lloyd's bans alcohol during work hours

Nellie Chapman | 17 February, 2017, 01:18

Insurance giant Lloyd's of London no longer allows its employees to drink alcohol during business hours, Reuters reported Wednesday.

It has been included in the employee handbook, and forms part of a broader HR policy review conducted during 2016.

The ban was introduced after "roughly half" of grievance and disciplinary procedures in the past year were reportedly found to relate to the misuse of alcohol.

Laura Willoughby, who founded Club Soda - which City workers can join to combat their dependence on alcohol - said many firms were looking to change their culture around alcohol.

"It provides clarification on the rules around alcohol consumption, which is prohibited during business hours", a Lloyd's spokesperson said in a statement.

Insurance giant Lloyd's of London has gone a bit nanny state on its workers, demanding that the age-old hobby of having a pint or two at lunch time in the name of team bonding and making the afternoon whizz past quicker comes to an end.

One said it made Lloyd's the "PC capital of the world", while another asked: "Will we be asked to go to bed earlier soon?".

Another post read: "Was there really a need for this?"

The boozy lunch had always been a staple of City life when deals were done and contacts made.

Another echoed that sentiment, adding: "This is too heavy handed.I think most people are sensible and only have a drink occasionally when celebrating success or a birthday etc".

An internal memo seen by the paper said the policy, which applies to 800 employees of Lloyd's, but not the brokers or underwriters from other companies based at the market, aligned the firm with many of its competitors.

One Under Lime, one of the City's most popular drinking venues, is located in the same building, prompting some Lloyd's employees to suggest it should stop serving drinks at lunchtime.