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Lidl to open its first store in the U.S. this summer

Sherri Watson | 17 February, 2017, 00:59

The Charlotte area could get a taste for a new, low-priced grocery chain sooner than expected.

Germany-based grocer Lidl has moved up its timetable to open its first US stores to the summer of 2017, but the company still has not given specific dates for opening Richmond-area stores. The Washington Post first reported that the chain's expansion was ahead of schedule.

Lidl (pronounced LEE-dul) established its North American headquarters in Crystal City in 2015 as a base for its us expansion.

Lidl had initially said it plans to break into the competitive US market by 2018.

"Thanks to the efficient work of our team, we are excited to announce that Lidl will open its first stores in the United States ahead of schedule". Within the first year of opening its doors, there will be 100 Lidl stores across the East Coast.

The U.S. stores will be about 36,000 square feet.

Lidl has been recruiting for employees to staff its USA stores for more than a month, and qualifications for store manager applicants includes something truly exceptional: They need to have a passport in anticipation of a six-month training period including time in Germany.

The US already had German discounter Aldi running 1,600 stores, but Lidl was seen as a bigger threat as in recent years recent it had shifted focus from discounts and was working of new strategies such as ecommerce. It has also established distribution centers in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and Cecil County, Maryland.