Friday, 22 February, 2019

Tiger Cubs Cuddle After They're Abandoned By Mother

First-time mother Cinta's maternal instincts'didn't kick in, according to the zoo's website. Nursery staffers are keeping the cubs warm and feeding them so the their body temperatures won't get too low without their mother's warmth Tiger Cubs Cuddle After They're Abandoned By Mother
Theresa Hayes | 11 February, 2017, 03:28

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's nursery has three furry new residents - Malayan tiger cubs that were born on Friday.

The zoo said first-time mom Cinta's maternal instincts "didn't kick in", so the cubs were moved to a nursery.

The mother tiger, three-year-old Cinta, rejected the cubs, which vets said is not unusual for a first-time birth. He also shared that the zoo's nursery staff is working hard to make sure the cubs are kept warm and well fed, with bottle feedings every three hours or so.

However, the three cubs will not be introduced again to their mum Cinta as she will not be able to recognize the tigers as being her own.

We have a sneaking suspicion that, based on the number of hits the video below has received and the kisses you see the zoo staff give them, the cubs won't be lacking for any affection as they grow up. There, the tiger siblings can run and play in the outdoor habitat, where visitors can come and see them in early spring.

The father of the cubs is 15-year-old Jalil, who is the third-most genetically valuable male of the species.

The Cincinnati Zoo is having a bit of a baby boom. The cubs will contribute to a genetic diversity that is much required in the context of when they begin to breed. The Malayan tiger cubs were born February 3 and are being cared for by zoo staff.

There are less than 500 endangered Malayan tigers left in the world, according to the Zoo.

The SSP manages the health of the species in the 28 authorized zoos that are enlisted to care for the Malayan tiger.

Habitat destruction, fragmentation and poaching are the main reasons for the decline of the Malayan tiger. Eventually, these tiger tots will be moved to other zoos by the recommendation of the Malayan Tiger Species Survival Plan to be matched with potential mates.