Friday, 22 February, 2019

Add an iris scanner to the iPhone 8's list of suspected features

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Theresa Hayes | 11 February, 2017, 01:12

MacRumors got hold of this report and it states that all the three iPhone models releasing this year are expected to sport wireless charging. None other than noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who works for KGI securities. As such, there will be a need for an additional graphite sheet lamination for the protection of the iPhone X's 3D Touch module. Other features such as OLED display and improved IP68 waterproofing could further increase the phone's price. The South Korean electronics giant is expected to include its new iris scanner in the upcoming Galaxy S8 as well, and now Digitimes reports that Apple will add an iris scanner to the iPhone 8 this fall.

A layer of graphite will also be featured inside the phone to control heat that is generated during wireless charging. The back panel is learned to be made of glass and the side with stainless steel.

Though this would not be an enormous jump - the very top of the line iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of storage now costs £919 - it would still break a significant threshold. This might not be the case with the iPhone 8, but that might end up being a good thing. This would be the first time Apple has included that sort of technology in its products, however, and could help drive current iPhone users to upgrade their devices.

Considering the iPhone 8's use of OLED screen and glass housing, the phone can overheat with continued wireless charging. From both a design and performance point of view, many think that this is the year when Apple's iPhone will unquestionably claim the smartphone throne for itself. Also included in the upcoming flagship device is a home button and fingerprint sensor built into and under an edge-to-edge screen, and new 3D-sensing technology enabling "some form of facial/gesture recognition".

It seems like just yesterday it's was the release of the iPhone 7, but it was just days after people were talking about what would come next with the iPhone 8.