Friday, 16 November, 2018

Motion of no confidence tabled against speaker John Bercow

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Theresa Hayes | 10 February, 2017, 04:27

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow is facing pushback from some of his colleagues for trying to bar President Trump from addressing Parliament during his visit to the United Kingdom.

"I've done this because Speaker Bercow for a long time has been overstepping the mark and with his comments on the state visit [of Trump] he has clearly expressed views", Duddridge told BBC.

"He has overstepped the mark a number of times but this most recent incident - where he used the Speaker's chair to pronounce his views on an worldwide situation in some quite detailed and lengthy manner - is wholly inappropriate and it means that he can no longer reasonably chair, as Speaker, any debate on those subjects".

"I will vote to support John Bercow, utterly ridiculous and self-indulgent of MP who will waste all our time on this".

Before he tabled the motion, he told HuffPost UK: "The Speaker has lost the confidence of the House".

He said that support for his motion could result in the Speaker being forced out.

He said: "Whatever view any of us as individuals might have on any particular leader of another country, the reality is that governments have to deal with other governments in the world as they exist and particularly with elected governments who are able to claim a mandate from their own people". The visit would include a state banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth.

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron also said: "This is the right decision by The Speaker".

Speaking to Sky News, Duddridge said: "We want a fresh speaker, a speaker that has the confidence of the full House".

In a bid to defend himself, Bercow insisted he was "was honestly and honourably seeking to discharge my responsibilities to the House". He went on to say he kept an "open mind" about the Trump addressing Parliament. The Labour Party's Valerie Vaz said she gladly takes Bercow's side over Trump's, especially after the latter's remarks about women and his refugee order.

The date for a debate on Duddridge's motion has not been set.

Conservative backbencher Nadhim Zahawi was one of the first MPs to criticise Bercow saying he should "think about" his position and suggested he was a hypocrite.