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Tesla planning upgrade to semi-autonomous Autopilot system

The Tesla Model 3 will be released in late 2017 The Tesla Model 3 will be released in late 2017
Nellie Chapman | 01 September, 2016, 14:07

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Musk made the comments via Twitter on Wednesday morning, adding he'll release more details of the Autopilot software upgrades "8.0" and "8.1" on Tesla's website later today.

The Autopilot system, which had its price bumped up to $3,000 last week, has been under extra pressure to flawless its offerings since the first-known fatality involving a Tesla Model S in Florida in May which saw OH resident Joshua Brown killed when his auto "drove under the trailer". Some of that money could also support Tesla's planned acquisition of its money-losing sister company, SolarCity Corp.

Assuming that shareholders vote to approve the merger with Solar City, the next big milestone for Tesla's core auto-making business will be the launch of the compact Model 3 sedan. However, Tesla has denied most of the claims.

In the Florida crash, Musk has said, the system might not have distinguished between the image of the truck and the image of the sky behind it. Mr. Musk tweeted on June 30 that "radar tunes out what looks like an overhead road sign to avoid false braking events".

The company said its main source of revenue is the sale of vehicles, but deliveries fell below projections in the first half, to 29,222.

Tesla can update software on its cars using wireless networks, called an "over-the-air software" update, similar to how cell phone updates are transmitted.

Although neither Tesla nor investigators were able to confirm the accident was down to the automated tech in the auto failing, Tesla is obviously eager to reassure its customers the technology is completely safe and Autopilot will continue to evolve as automated vehicles become the norm.

Tesla said that in bright sunlight, neither the Autopilot sensor, nor the driver noticed the white side of the trailer, which was perpendicular to the Model S, and neither applied the brakes.

At the same time, Tesla has always approached software and systems on its vehicle as having the capability to be improved over time, taking into account customer feedback. With the help of this technology, the company has the capability to keep the auto in one lane and escape crashes.

Mr. Musk has favored such automaker's technologies, which of course includes Autopilot that he thinks gives the sight into a future of the self-driving cars. However, it is still not flawless and hence company has to further work to improve its technology.