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Determined to chase dream, Tebow shows power in MLB workout

Determined to chase dream, Tebow shows power in MLB workout Determined to chase dream, Tebow shows power in MLB workout
Kristopher Love | 01 September, 2016, 13:29

"I think after this, teams could see there's plenty of speed and talent to work with".

To complicate matters, Tebow had the same positive mindset that people have always been drawn to coming out of Tuesday's workout, suggesting he'll continue to have vocal supporters even if/when he ultimately proves he's just not cut out for life as an Major League Baseball outfielder. More than 200 people - scouts, media, helpers - strode onto the outfield grass to watch him run a 60-yard dash.

So it sounds like Tebow - even before the workout and 430-foot batting practice homer - was deemed neither a curse breaker nor a market inefficiency. "Obviously, batting practice is different than against regular pitching". He slipped once cutting a ball off in the right-field gap while trying to plant and throw.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Tim Tebow crushed a batting-practice fastball with a confident left-handed swing, sending it into the trees next to the scoreboard beyond right field. He displayed power at the plate by hitting eight balls over the fence. "He was mis-hitting the ball out of the park". He couldn't pull a pitch from former big leaguers Chad Smith and David Aardsma. And then hit a baseball. His speed was ruled above average by most, considering his size.

An AL scout told the Washington Post, "You look at him and go, 'Wow, '" while an NL scout told the Post, "He's a physical dude. When did pursuing what you love become a bad thing, regardless of the result?" If that's the worst thing that can happen, that's OK.

Tebow, who is attempting to rekindle a baseball career that ended when he was a high school junior in suburban Jacksonville, Florida, in 2005, told reporters that he's determined to pursue baseball as hard as he can and he's not afraid of failing. He said he continued to think about baseball during his career in the National Football League, when he played for the Denver Broncos in 2010 and 2011 and the New York Jets in 2012 before his career stalled.

While Tebow displayed raw power and slightly above-average running skills, it's going to take a lot more than that to warrant a professional baseball contract. I wanted to get my work in, so I threw a breaking ball.

"Honestly, I saw his swing in the videos - it looks pretty good, I'll be honest with you", Teixeira said.

Now, he and his agent await firm offers from interested clubs. The plan is to get him signed to play in one of the winter leagues, which also could land the former Denver Bronco in the Arizona Fall League or in the Dominican Republic, as well as Venezuela, said Van Wagenen.