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5 flagship smartphones likely to launch this week

The highly-anticipated Xperia X Compact is one of the smartphones to be announced by Sony very soon The highly-anticipated Xperia X Compact is one of the smartphones to be announced by Sony very soon
Sherri Watson | 01 September, 2016, 14:09

The IFA 2016 show will begin officially on September 2, but top manufacturer brands like LG, Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Huawei and others will aggressively compete for the limelight by hosting pop-up conferences and spin-off events off the show floor. It is a good indicator of the things to come during the holiday shopping season.

Sony has already announced its flagship Xperia X, although it's always possible we'll see a more performance-oriented, amped-up version.

ASUS is at it again and after dealing the likes of Samsung and LG a blow with the release of the ZenFone 3 handsets, the Taiwanese tech giant is now planning to shower the IFA 2016 with a new ZenWatch 3.

Huawei has sent a September 1 event invitation that entices attendants to "Defy Expectations", according to Phandroid.

Chinese manufacturers will be heading to IFA en masse, where Lenovo is lined up to announce pricing and availability for its Moto Z, unveiled in June.

There's a second Samsung event planned for September 1st, where we're more likely to see computer accessories and more Twitter-connected fridges. Samsung which has already shown its phones for this year may also bring out a tablet and according to rumours Galaxy Tab S3 may be in the pipeline. Rumors suggest that Samsung will launch three versions of the S3: the Frontier, the Explorer and the Classic. There could also be a new tablet from Lenovo with a "new kind of intuitive keyboard", if this brief peek at Lenovo's IFA 2016 event is to be believed.

One thing that gave this away is Asus' tweet saying that "The time for something incredible is now!". Fitbit, on the other hand, has announced the successors of Flex and Charge. If the recently rumored Sony smartphone is indeed the Sony Xperia X2, it is expected that the device will come with 3 GB RAM, 21 MP/12 MP camera combo, and a 1080p screen. Samsung is also expected to unveil a series of new televisions, monitors and homeware appliances in the coming days. Latest laptops are also likely to be presented at the event.

Acer is expected to launch an ultra thin laptop, probably less than an inch thin. If history is any indication, a few robots and drones might also be in store.

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