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Movies with heroes who play roulette

Movies with heroes who play roulette Movies with heroes who play roulette
Stacy Diaz | 11 August, 2016, 12:49

Roulette is one of the most popular games in the world. And not only in real life or at the live casino, but in the movie also. So the real gamblers will find it interesting to watch a movie with live online roulette, casinos, etc.


Directors of this movie, which was released in theaters in 1942, managed to capture the atmosphere of the roulette game probably the best. The main events in the movie take place at the American "Rick’s" cafe, where the visitors can play roulette. In the same time, the dealer is able to run the ball so that he fell straight into the cell 22. This trick would never work in the online casino live.

Run Lola Run

An incredible win at the roulette table demonstrates one of the scenes of the film "Run Lola Run". In the story, the boyfriend of the main character is involved in criminal activity and owed the big sum to criminal authorities. And the heroine has a chance to save his life, playing in the casino. Nothing bad would have happened if she could play in live casino.

Double placing a chip on the number 20, she wins a sum sufficient to pay the debt of her boyfriend (100,000 German marks). However, it turns out that he had already found the necessary sum.

The Sting

This film is a good example of how people wish to cheat at roulette. The protagonist is a criminal who uses a cunning plan to assign money at the roulette. However, in the end, his plan fails and he loses.


The director of this film is Martin Scorsese and the main characters were performed by Joe Pesci, Robert De Niro, and Sharon Stone. The picture conveys a vivid atmosphere of the live casino, and not just focuses on the roulette wheel.

Indecent proposal

This film is a bit like "Casablanca". Events are taking place in Las Vegas, where the pair is trying to win at roulette, putting all their money on red. Unfortunately, they fail.

And of course who can forget this classic movie Ocean’s Eleven, as well as Twelve and Thirteen. The famous trilogy is focusing on the lives of Ocean and his friends – thieves that want to fool casino and their owners.