Monday, 21 January, 2019

In nod to Sanders, Clinton offers new health care proposal

Alfredo Watts | 10 July, 2016, 07:29

But when Ben Jealous, the pro-Sanders delegate and former head of the NAACP, sought a tweak to Saunders' proposal that would have explicitly stated that those reasons are why Democrats oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he ran into opposition, as Clinton's camp - supporting the White House, and led on the floor by Saunders - called it unnecessary. (Clinton made a public option part of her campaign proposal to reform health care in 2008.) But Saturday's announcement, campaign aides say, is a reminder of how seriously she takes the idea ― and her determination to promote it as president.

The language would have been a major victory for Vermont Senator Sanders, who is expected to endorse Democratic rival Clinton on Tuesday at an event in New Hampshire. Some eventually walked out of the meeting entirely.

Both Clinton and Sanders oppose TPP but Sanders has been more vocal, saying the deal hurts American workers.

The actual terms of the debate were often obfuscated on Clinton's side, however, as no one speaking on behalf of the labor-backed amendment mentioned offending the president.

The Sanders campaign's primary TPP amendment, written by surrogate Jim Hightower, would have prevented the trade deal from coming to a vote in Congress. Hightower called the TPP a "little shop of corporate horrors".

Clinton has been open to his efforts, and would benefit from an endorsement by her Democratic challenger. It's unclear, however, if Clinton's adoption of his progressive policies will be enough to sway liberal voters-the announcement that she would not be indicted for her email missteps as secretary of state has left many Sanders supporters with a bad taste in their mouths.

Most votes occurred along party lines, with a handful of defections on both sides depending on the vote. It is the largest regional trade deal in history. But it does not oppose the TPP, leading to objection from Sanders' team. Nina Turner, a Sanders supporter.

Another big fight looms over the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It was voted down 106-74. Hillary Clinton is rolling out her vision for a stronger American, while Republicans are stuck with Donald Trump and his empty 140 character blusters on Twitter. So far, he has won several concessions, including an amendment calling for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 over time, indexed to inflation, language a previous amendment lacked. And that comes in addition to wins Sanders allies secured in the first draft. Though the 1993 plan, colloquially dubbed Hillarycare, ultimately failed, Clinton's lobbying was pivotal in the success and implementation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program. "The only thing that can keep us from winning is if we lose sight of the fact that more unites us than divides us", she said.

Now, with Sanders's endorsement supposedly imminent, Clinton's full re-embrace of the public option is likely created to court unimpressed Sanders supporters, and that and the other parameters of the new-and-improved plan were apparently the result of discussions with Team Sanders, according to Nate Cohn at the Huffington Post.