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NY Senate to hold hearings on drinking water contamination

NY Senate to hold hearings on drinking water contamination NY Senate to hold hearings on drinking water contamination
Melissa Porter | 09 July, 2016, 00:35

The state Assembly will hold hearings in the fall on water quality issues, including an examination of the Cuomo administration's response to toxic chemical contamination of drinking water in the upstate village of Hoosick Falls, officials announced Wednesday.

"The Committee is concerned that a sluggish response to the crisis in Hoosick Falls at the state and county levels caused residents to remain exposed to unsafe levels of PFOA for longer than was necessary", according to the Cuomo Administration letter.

The contamination was discovered by residents concerned about spikes in certain cancers. A congressional committee is also looking into the contamination. Enck followed up with a December advisory that said the water wasn't safe for drinking or cooking.

She's been writing letters to the senate's environment and public works committee urging them to hold the hearings as well.

One day after the NY state Assembly announced it will hold hearings on water safety, Congress is getting involved in investigating the PFOA crisis in Hoosick Falls.

He said Cuomo hopes the end result is that Congress and the government act swiftly to implement nationwide regulations for PFOA and other unregulated contaminants.

EPA spokeswoman Melissa Harrison said the agency had received the letter directed to it and would respond.

Perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, has been detected in the municipal water system as well as private wells in and around Hoosick Falls. The man-made chemical was used for decades to make Teflon before it was largely phased out.

About 2,500 residents had their blood tested for PFOA this spring.

Cuomo has consistently defended his administration's response to Hoosick Falls, characterizing it as "aggressive action" and criticizing the EPA for not acting sooner.