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The main attractions of casino

The main attractions of casino The main attractions of casino
Melinda Barton | 23 June, 2016, 12:07

Some time ago, in an article "I am a gaming girl, or a woman in the gaming space", journalists have already discussed the portrait of a typical casino  player according to Western experts - a woman about 45 years old, active, wanting to escape from everyday worries and make some money, sociable and expressing support for other players. So, it is true for many countries. And what about the global portrait of the gambler? Does your experience tell you that your situation is somewhat different?

In 2006 the research agency conducted its study on this topic at Russia, the UK and USA. The Sociological survey involved players of different categories: gambling, moderate, low active and casual.

So what did they have found?

MOTIVES that can lead player to casino or game room, except of a good casino bonus :

- an opportunity to try their luck, risk - 48- 58%

- vacation, a way to escape from stress - 25-35%

- game as an excuse to spend time with friends - 3 8%

Main distraction factors that interfere with the game:

- Additional activities of the administration of the gambling halls to attract customers - concerts, sport shows, fashion show, demonstration of advertising on plasma screens, sexy models walking across the room, etc.;

- obsessive attention of the staff;

- loud extraneous sounds: music, phone calls, conversations "over the ear", revelry, exchange of remarks in the hall;

- bright lighting;

- the large number of visitors who are not engaged in the game. 

Factors ensuring a comfortable game:

- high machines, built in a solid row as corridors;

- machines equipped with handles, which you can lean on;

- lightweight partitions separating the room into segments;

- staff at the gaming halls, that does not show an excessive obsessions and curiosity, and can help only at the request of the player.

 What is the main idea combines these factors? It looks like a casino game for players  is rather an individual game where players want to feel lonely.