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Xbox One (Scorpio) vs. PlayStation 4.5 (NEO) vs. Nintendo NX

Microsoft Surface Hub Xbox One (Scorpio) vs. PlayStation 4.5 (NEO) vs. Nintendo NX
Theresa Hayes | 31 May, 2016, 23:31

Also, Ars Technica reports a developer says it's working on a new virtual reality game for Xbox One, set to release in 2017, and that it will be unveiled at E3.

Microsoft is also said to be plotting a Roku-Like streaming box that would enable users to play Xbox One games remotely on other screens.

NeoGAF was the first to identify the E3 update, where it was announced that the four registered developers are 3DRudder, Readily Information, Maximum Games, and Rebellion, which is now working on Battlezone VR for the Oculus Rift and PS VR.

What's more is Microsoft could co-opt more than a few PSVR games that are also being developed on Oculus Rift, adding even more direct competition. The console maker is expected to reveal new Xbox hardware that will definitely impact any purchase decisions. Three of last month's Games with Gold games are still available to download if you haven't got yours yet - Defense Grid 2 and Costume Quest 2 on Xbox One and Peggle on Xbox 360. The price cut could help boost sales figures for the Microsoft gaming console as it battles Sony's PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's Wii U.

ReCore is another title coming to Xbox One this year that we know absolutely nothing about. Whatever this system ends up being, we can all agree that significant changes are coming to the gaming landscape soon. In this special promotion, eight Xbox One bundles are getting discounts up to $80 off, an extra free Xbox One wireless controller plus a free Ubisoft game of your choice.

In a move that is sure to raise many eyebrows, Microsoft has just cut the price on Xbox One consoles and bundles by $50 across the board, bringing the cost of 500 GB units to $299.99 ahead of its rumored E3 announcement.

Rumors have been circulating the Internet that Microsoft and Sony both are planning to release better and powerful versions of their already existing consoles so that they can handle VR games.

As of this writing, it has not been confirmed whether or not this price drop is temporary or permanent, though the console had a similar price drop earlier this year that was only for a limited time. That's probably one of the best deals on the site given that you get two free games and a white Xbox One console for only $300.

Now it looks like Xbox has two more ways to win hearts, minds, and wallets.