Thursday, 16 August, 2018

Video of Florida high school students having sex posted online

South Fort Myers High School in Florida South Fort Myers High School in Florida Google Maps
Alfredo Watts | 22 May, 2016, 00:53

The female student at South Fort Myers High School in Florida allegedly admitted she had sex in the boys' bathrooms with a number of male students - 25 boys were seen going in and out of the toilets at the time of the incident.

The girl, who media outlets have said is 15 years old, later told her principal she had sex with several of them.

Students told us they heard the situation involved a girl and multiple boys in a bathroom on campus during school hours, and it was all caught on camera.

A spokesperson for the Lee County School District said at least one student was disciplined for "inappropriate activity" in the girl's bathroom.

Rumours of the incident started circulating around the school following reports the incident was filmed on Snapchat. reported that the school principal, Melissa Layner, reported the incident the next morning to Jarrod Cantrell, the school police deputy who works with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

"I heard a video was around but I never really saw it or anything", Cadeau added.

"It's like one of those things where you don't... really... it's just insane". They locked themselves into the bathroom'.

"That is unbelievable. I can't believe it. A thorough investigation needs to be done". "Providing our students cooperate with the expectations articulated to them each day, our school is a safe place for student learning and after school activities". "We need to know what was going on during school?"

"The incident this week should not be a reflection on our combined efforts, administration, students, and teachers, to keep our building and students secure and safe", Layner wrote. There are about 2,000 students now enrolled on the campus.