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Hints for sports betting

Hints for sports betting Hints for sports betting
Kristopher Love | 11 May, 2016, 15:52

Betting on football is the most popular form of betting. The main rule is never bet on favorites. Almost every professional player will tell you that the support and hope on the top favorites in football is a direct path to the almshouse. Do you agree with this? And there is one problem with this way of thinking because it is definitely wrong. The conventional wisdom is that wise players avoid betting on the obvious favorites of football because the public loves to bet on the best teams. Bookmakers undoubtedly observed growth rates, when it comes to clubs like Chelsea, Barcelona or Juventus every week. Of course, there is a certain sense of proportion in order to take into account the loser team in such situations, is not it?

In fact, a number of studies made by the bbc researchers, have shown that blind support of the participants of the match, who have little chance of winning is a disadvantageous position in the long term. 

At first, we must understand how the bookmaker works. Since most of the bookmakers get their profits at low rates that people make on favorites, it is often assumed that these teams have a better chance of winning. Although sometimes it does work and many bookmakers bear huge losses for several months, yet there are some ways that can help bookmakers to protect themselves.

There are many different footballs betting, which can be done online, starting with two main types of bets: single or individual bid and a combined bid.

An individual bid is the simplest way to bet and easier to win because this rate is only for one game to win Winnings are calculated taking into account the size of the fixed rate. 

Combined bid is the most attractive form of betting, it is an opportunity to make your victory more spectacular and impressive. The combined rates can combine multiple bids in the same sport. You can bet on your favorite sports, such as tennis, football in euro2016 and hockey all at the same time. Winnings from the combined rates are calculated and added to your win. You need to predict all the results of the bet.