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Local congressman reflects on Nancy Reagan's life

Alfredo Watts | 08 March, 2016, 08:06

"It was only eight years, but still a lot went on in those eight years that were related to her and the president", Robertson said.

Franklin will be speaking about all of his work on Air Force One with five presidents at Brunswick Community College on March 10 at 11:00 a.m.

President Obama on Monday personally praised former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died Sunday at the age of 94.

Although she didn't really care about the criticism against her, Reagan was an extreme loyalist to her husband, so she did care about how those low approval ratings hurt her his image. "Throughout her life, Nancy's incredible commitment to her country and her family did not falter, and she will continue to inspire all us to live bravely and selflessly".

Bridges says he was not yet addicted to drugs when Reagan appeared in an episode as herself, traveling to NY to meet with Gary Coleman's character to talk about drug abuse.

She was instrumental in helping establish a yearly scholarship to the school.

Reagan actively pushed for stem cell research and poured her heart into the Just Say No campaign aimed to keep kids away from drugs.

But Branstad said Ronald Reagan came out and gave a "wonderful" speech that wowed delegates at the northwest Iowa GOP district convention - and Reagan wound up winning about half of the Iowa delegates at the Republican National Convention in Kansas City. "We believe in servant leadership, and Nancy Reagan is a role model servant leader". "She was so special".

Famous for her devotion to her husband's legacy, the former first lady continued to advocate for him even while planning her own funeral. He said often said that his life began when he met Nancy.

After she and her husband left Washington, she became his protector again as he struggled with Alzheimer's disease until his death in 2004.

Flags across the country are flying at half-staff in memory of Mrs. Reagan.

A flair for entertaining at the White House-she was a protector of husbands political affairs ensuring they were carried out and was coined, The Iron Lady.